Five Habits For a Cleaner Home

With a busy schedule, it may be difficult to keep your home clean. Luckily, there are ways to prevent your house from becoming a mess. Here are five habits that you can utilize for a tidier home.
1. Put It Away – Right Away
It may seem like a hassle to hang your clothes as soon as you take them off, but that is one habit that can keep your house clean. This habit can be used all over your home. Fold your clothes as soon as you take them out of the dryer. File your receipts as soon as you get home. At home, wash your dishes as soon as you can.
2. Stop Buying Too Much & Hoarding
This is actually a great way to save money as well. What use is having 10 mugs in the cabinet when you only use 2 or 3 of them? There is no point in crowding your home with things that you do not use. It can be hard to give things away, but sometimes it is better for the sake of a cleaner, more orderly living space. If you donate to Goodwill, you can even get a hefty tax return.
3. Make Your Bed
This is the easiest, simplest way that you can have a cleaner space on a daily basis. make sure not to store anything on top of your bed. That can not only interfere with your sleep but also make your room look like a mess. If you need to buy a container that slides under your bed, you can do that.
4. Organize
There is a huge difference between having a truly clean home and having one that looks clean. Everything should be in its proper area. Dirty clothes should always be in the hamper. Used dishes should be either washed right away or left in the dishwasher. Keep everything in the right spot so that it is easy to find later.
5. Dust & Clean
Make sure to dust and wipe off surfaces regularly. A better alternative to a feather duster would be a Swiffer Duster, as it traps dirt and dust opposed to just brushing it into the surrounding air.I know it may not come as a surprise, but the best way to have a clean home is to clean regularly. The best way to prevent a huge mess would be to make sure everything is attended to right away.

Good luck & happy cleaning!

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How to upkeep carpets in FIVE simple steps.

1) Clean up spills/messes as soon as possible.
Nothing is worse than an accident occurring on your brand NEW carpet. It can be anywhere from some red wine spill, or even to a puppy thinking it was his bathroom. The most important thing is to clean it up as soon as possible. Not doing so can allow the carpet to absorb more than it would have if it accident was taken care of immediately.

2) Shake area rugs as much as possible.
This is vital to allow the carpet to remain its initial color. Allowing dirt and grime to linger can easily alter the color of the material. Instead, fold area rugs and take them outside to shake them as much as time allows. By doing so, it halts the aging process.

3) Get Non-Slip carpet pads for area rugs.
If little rugs do not have the support, they tend to get pushed all around. The result is that the corners of the rugs are easier to fold in and become deformed. People can kick the carpet easier without any grip on the bottom and over time it is prone to becoming limp and unusable.

4) Vacuum frequently.
It is important to vacuum any carpeted area at least once a week. Twice a week is even better! Picking up the dirt allows the carpet to keep its color longer. The more it is neglected, the more it degrades. So it is vital to remember this. Also, keep in mind a strong vacuum is a good investment if you have a large amount of carpeted space in your home. Note that a poor vacuum is easily detected by shaking your rug outdoors after vacuuming. If a large amount of dirt is still detected, one might want to consider finding something more sufficient.

5) Get your carpet cleaned annually.
Out of each and every step, this may be the most important! Having the professionals come out to do the job is a good way to handle the situation. They have very powerful tools and machines that are most likely to clean your carpets the best! Schedule the appointment at least once a year. Calling them to your home eliminates hassle for you, the client. It eliminates the need to hand scrub them or rent a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners can be bulky and require heavy lifting. Be smart, call the professionals!

The Best Way to Dust

Keeping the house clean and well dusted is a challenge found in almost every house around the country – unless you have a full-time housekeeper. If done correctly, dusting is a chore that should be done around every 2 weeks. If allergies occur in a household member, dusting is recommended once a week. Electronics and furniture tend to attract dust more than anything so if you consider yourself a lazy duster, these are the spots you are going to want to pay attention to the most.
Dust can collect on electronics, lamps, and even the wooden coffee table you bought because you wouldn’t be able to see the dust, good try – it’s still there. Learning the proper ways to dust each item is important so you are actually removing the dust and not just spreading it back into the air to land back onto the sofa. The first thing to keep in mind when dusting is to start from the top. This may include the top of your TV, lamp shades, and shelves. The reason for this is because as you work down in levels you are keeping the dust from removing back up to higher levels.
When dusting electronics be sure to unplug devices before dusting to avoid being electrocuted. It is best to clean electronics such as computers and TVs with a soft microfiber towel. A microfiber towel will work best with soft strokes. It is suggested not to use a feather duster on electronics because you are not actually removing the dust but spreading it around to the cracks and crevices of the device. It may also be suggested to vacuum around cords and outlets as dust, like animal hair, can plug up the inside of outlets.
For all other surfaces, a fiber duster is recommended. It is true that the fiber duster can remove dust from those hard to reach places but it is so great because it works for many kinds of surfaces. Furniture and electronics are by no means cheap so taking care of them and properly dusting them can have a huge impact on how long they will last. The fiber duster is also the more environmentally sound option because it will last for many years as long as you are properly taking care of it. Keeping your house clean and free of dust is important and will aid in household health.

Five Things You Must See In A Professional Carpet Cleaner


A professional carpet cleaner is a fantastic helper around your home when you have years of stains and dirt dug into your flooring. The carpets in the house are a part of your daily life, and they must be treated with the utmost respect. This article explains five things to look for in a professional carpet cleaner. Each one highlights a trait that will make a cleaner quite effective.#1: They Use Industrial Machines

Industrial carpet cleaners are quite powerful, and they provide you with suction that will pull every ounce of dirt and grime from the carpets. You must ask about their gear, and you will see a stark difference between professional and amateur cleaners.

#2: They Clean With High-Pressure Water

Industrial machines use high-pressure water to clean your carpets without the aid of soap. Soaps and detergents will stick your carpets, and you will feel the residue on your feet as you walk through the house. Your pets and children are most-susceptible to the chemicals in the soaps, and that is not a healthy way to keep your home.

#3: They Move Slowly

Professional carpet cleaners do not rip through your home in one pass. They are quite serious about the work they do, and they keep track of where they have been in the house. They know how long it takes for the carpets to come clean, and they work carefully until the job has been done.

#4: They Consult With You

You will be consulted on the carpet cleaning before the work is done, and your cleaner will let you know if there are locations in the house that are simply beyond the pale. They will avoid charging you for cleaning that will not work, and they will offer cleaning products that you may use between cleaning appointments.

#5: The Carpets Are Treated Differently

Carpets in your home come in different heights and textures. You cannot blast a high carpet with a vacuum in the way you would clean a shorter carpet. The finest carpet cleaners will ensure you see your carpets treated individually with their powerful cleaning products.

Every homeowner who wishes to keep their carpets clean must consider each of the five attributes of a professional carpet cleaner. The best cleaners are quite aware of how to treat your carpets, and they use modern techniques that leave your carpets clean, smelling nice and free of residue.

10 Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home


When it comes to decluttering your home it can be a daunting task. It can seem impossible. What do you do with everything? Do you give it away?
Home Cleaning Tips
Don’t try and do everything in one day

The first thing to remember is to take baby steps. You’ll only get frustrated and probably just quit if you try to tackle it all in one day. It just won’t happen. Give yourself a period of time to work on it. Start with 15-20 minutes a day. You can always spend more time once you get in the groove of it.

Pick a room

Picking a room helps you stay focused. You don’t want to wander around the house aimlessly picking up items here and there. You don’t have to do the entire room, just pick a corner or closet.

Separate you items

You are going to need to separate your items into different boxes. You’ll need one for trash, donations, keep and sell. This can be a little tricky. If it hasn’t been used within the last 6 months to a year, get rid of it. If clothes are hard to figure out, hang all your clothes facing backwards. Once you wear it, hang it back up the right way. This way you can see what you usually wear and what you don’t.

Make your bed everyday

Keeping things off your bed and making your bed can really give you a good feeling. This will also help with making it look like you’re having some progress.

Make a plan for your paperwork

Paperwork is one of the main things that can make a room cluttered. It is so important to have a filing system of some kind to where you can file it away immediately once it enters your home.

Have a place for everything

If you run across items that don’t seem to have a place, make one. You can always find little baskets, drawers etc. at the store that you can use.

Have a garage sale

Having a garage sale can be a great way to get rid of items and you can make some extra cash too!

Don’t forget your drawers

This can be a great place to start. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time that day.

Don’t go it alone

Get the whole family involved. You can even make it fun!

Make goals

Pick a start date and a finish date for a room. If you don’t meet the finish date just extend it a little.

What qualities should I look for in a Local Locksmith


These days, many people find themselves in need of a local locksmith. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know which traits to look for in the industry professional. Here are five qualities that the best locksmiths will have:

1. Qualifications and Credentials.

One of the first things to look for in a local locksmith is qualifications and credentials. Requirements vary by state, but the best locksmiths will typically attain licensure and certification to optimize their education and experience in their chosen sector. Do some internet research to see what type of credentials a locksmith has attained before doing business with her or him.

2. A Good Reputation.

Another quality you should seek out in a locksmith is a good reputation. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to accomplish this objective. You can go online now and visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine whether a business owner maintains a good rating and accreditation. Locksmiths who maintain an A rating or higher will typically offer you the cutting edge, customized services you need and deserve.

Another internet medium you can utilize to determine whether a locksmith has a good reputation is online reviews. If you find that a locksmith consistently receives positive reviews from former and/or current customers, the individual will likely provide you with the excellent care you need and deserve.

3. Excellent Customer Service.

If you’re serious about obtaining excellent locksmith services, make sure you seek out a professional who is known for offering great customer service. Customer service is all about the locksmith being knowledgeable within the field and also capable of treating you with the warmth and understanding that makes you feel valued as a human. Working with a locksmith who offers exceptional customer service can keep you in a good mood, limit misunderstandings, and expedite service.

4. Fair Pricing.

One final attribute you should seek out in a locksmith is fair pricing. Most people are on a budget, meaning that they can’t afford to pay exorbitant fees for locksmith services. Do some research via internet to determine what the average asking rates are for the locksmith services you’re looking for. You’ll then be able to determine whether an individual’s rates are fair.


If you want to find a locksmith who can get the job done quickly and correctly, it’s important to know what to look for. Some of the key qualities you should seek out in a locksmith include licensing and certification, a good reputation, excellent customer service, and fair pricing. When you find a locksmith with all of these attributes, you’ve found a winner!

Things to make sure is done to get your deposit back

Moving Day Cleaning Tips –

Moving is an involved process that requires juggling a variety of tasks and keeping track of a myriad of details. Don’t allow careless oversights in the cleaning process to cost you your security deposit. Be sure that you are up to date with rent due and reread your lease carefully to ensure that you have completed tasks such as giving your landlord proper move out notice. Finally, make a practical move out cleaning checklist and stick with it. Read on for some great suggestions about how to successfully clean and raise your potential for receiving your deposit back.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning service

No matter how much you vacuum, you just won’t be able to give your carpets the fresh and clean appearance and smell that a professional company can. Not only will your carpets look top notch, but professional carpet cleaners have the tools and knowledge to save you considerable amounts of time during the already hectic and time consuming moving process. They also have access to non toxic products and machines that promote quick drying time. If you have pets, hiring professional carpet cleaners is even more essential. Many carpet cleaning companies offer satisfaction guarantees and coupons for multiple room jobs.

Give appliances special attention

Don’t just remove food from your fridge and freezer. Take some extra time to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your fridge, oven, and microwave. No landlord wants to open an appliance and be met with leftover food particles or sticky residue.

Let the light shine in

Although it can seem like a tedious job, take the time to clean your windows before moving out. If you have already hired a carpet cleaning service, inquire about whether or not they also provide professional window cleaning services. If not, gather some vinegar and hot water and get to work. Try to avoid washing windows at the height of daylight since it makes streaking likely and the glare will also make it harder to detect areas that need special attention. Sparkling clean windows give a nice perspective to a clean apartment.

When your cleaning process is complete, rest assured that you have done everything necessary to expect your deposit in the future. Take a last walk through to gather up any remaining personal belongings and to photograph your clean living space for documentation purposes. Empty any remaining trash before returning all copies of your rental unit keys.

Five tips on carpet care and maintenance


A beautiful and clean carpet is one the crucial aspects of a well grooming house. A well-maintained carpet helps to maintain quality indoor. Besides in keeps the carpets warranty intact. Carpets need cleaning at least once in a week in areas of heavy traffic to keep them neat. Frequent vacuuming is necessary to maintain it presentable and long-lasting. With the current technology, carpet care and maintenance is quite easy. Below, are five tips that are important in maintenance and care for carpets?


1) Using runners and area rugs


In areas with heavy traffic, using rugs helps prevents soiling and crushing of carpets. The rugs make a carpet more attractive and besides provide a beautiful color to a home. The most areas with high traffic include the highways, entryways. They also include fields in front of chairs and coaches.


2) Regularly vacuuming carpets


A regular vacuum keeps the carpets fresh and dirt or fiber free. Dust left unvacuumed and walked on usually affects the way the carpets reflect right. A good vacuum has a brush head to help clean the carpet thoroughly. A regularly vacuumed carpet looks hygienically clean. High traffic areas should be cleaned at least once per week. To avoids carpets becoming hairy, carpets manufacturers recommendations are important


3) Control use of carpet powders on the carpet


Despite that many carpet powders help to reduce bad odor on the carpet, some residues are left behind spoil the carpets. The residues give the carpet a white sticky layer if chemicals get excessively. It’s recommended to use the powder sparingly should the need arise to maintain proper care of the carpet


4) Taking the carpet for professional cleaning regularly


Taking carpets for professional cleaning according to the manufacturer specification makes it last long. Much dirt like dust may is not readily visible and always spoils the makes the carpet dull. Dirt usually takes some time to be visible and does damage to carpets that are left unattended for a long time. Professional cleaning allows experts to inspect the carpet and recommend approved products. Several carpet cleaning companies give professional care to a carpet to increase its life.


5) Instant stain and spoil removal


Removing the stains after they fall into the carpet avoid cluttering after running over. Oily stains usually cause the carpet to gradually dull. They finally attract soil and change the carpet color. Stains are avoidable by using walk mats on highways and walkways.


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The Aspect Of A Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Unit

A truck mounted carpet cleaning unit is mounted on the floor of a van or a truck. The method that is used when using such a unit is hot water extraction, and generally it is possible to use a stronger motor with a setup such as this, thus providing more suction when sucking up the water from the carpet.

Hot water extraction is a very effective way to clean carpets, because as the hot water is applied to the carpet with a cleaning solution, it penetrates and loosens dirt and grime. Then when the apparatus retrieves the water via the suction, the dirt and grime is sucked out of the carpet into the container of the apparatus.

Typically, the truck or van is parked nearby to the building or home where the carpet is being cleaned, and a long hose connects to the actual cleaner device that is being used on the carpet. A carpet cleaning wand is usually connected to the end of the hose as the instrument that is actually used to apply the water and cleaning solution, and then to extract the dirty water back into the truck into a holding tank.

Heat is transferred to the water via a heat exchanger as the water passes through it in the truck. The heated water helps to loosen the dirt, grit, and grime from the water as it is passed into the carpet. The horsepower of the unit can be anywhere from 16 to 60 horsepower, depending upon the size of the unit.

The biggest advantage of a truck mounted system is the convenience for the user, even though the initial cost is anywhere from $10,000 $35,000. It is a convenient method because it is very efficient with this method as opposed to lugging a portable unit around the house as cleaning occurs.

Having clean carpets is a really good feeling.

When it comes to hiring someone to clean your carpets, there are five questions you need to ask. It will give you an idea of what to expect and you won’t have any surprises. DogKitten

1) What Cleaning Agents do you use?  If you have allergies or can get other irritations from certain cleaning agents then it is important to inform your cleaner of this.

2) How long will it take?  It’s important to know this if you have animals or kids that you want to ensure won’t be in the way when the technician is there.  This helps you manage your time.   DIY Network

3) How much will the cleaning cost?  This is important so you know the estimate and to ensure you won’t be charged any hidden fees.  This makes it easier for you to budget.

4) What kind of process do you use in cleaning?  Some carpet cleaners use a low moisture cleaning process and the carpets are dry within hours.  Other cleaners may use other methods where you won’t be able to be on the carpets for a long while.

5) Lastly, you will want to ask them if they will clean any furniture you might have. This would be a good service to use if you can. Cleaning your furniture would be a nice touch after the carpets are cleaned.

Having clean carpets is a really good feeling. Making sure you are getting everything you can from the service is very important. You want to be able to know what to expect and have all of your questions answered.  Carpet Cleaning Coeur d’Alene Site has more info.

Carpet And Upholstery Info

Hiring Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner Is Vital For Any Household – (Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning)

Upholstery in the home is subject to continuous traffic on a daily basis, especially areas in the home that are used more such as the living areas. Upholstery can easily harbor dirt and dust and will require hiring professional upholstery cleaner to maintain the life of the upholstery as well contributing to a safer and more hygienic environment.

Vacuuming your upholstery may be able to remove surface dust and dirt in your upholstery, however, dirt that has been ingrained deep in the fibers of the upholstery require professional cleaning services. By having your upholstery cleaned professionally stubborn, tough stains and ingrained dirt can be removed in a far more effective way than regular cleaning methods. Home Improvement Site

Carpet Cleaning is also important to a home! Dirt and grime live deep down in the fabric.

Carpet Stain Cleaning

The video is about how to remove carpet stains in The character (Bob Smith) is telling the viewer that it is difficult to keep one’s carpet clean if you have dogs or construction workers and children living in the house. A dog will be running around the yard and eventually catches dirt with its paws and then run back inside the house. The same thing with a construction worker returning from work catching different types of elements from the construction site. Smith demonstrates how to remove a stain effectively from a carpet with the use of a liquid soap, steam iron, vacuum cleaner, hot water, and hair drier. The method is so easy. Just pour hot water onto the stained spot and dampen a cotton rag (preferably white in color) with the hot water and place flattened on top of the stained spot. Then, slide the steam iron back and forth on top until you will see the stain being sucked up reflecting in the cotton rag. It is really amazing. Then, you remove the cotton rag and pour another round of clean hot water on the stained spot and hover the vacuum cleaner on the dampened area. Then to complete it, use the hair drier to dry it up. Be sure not to scorch the fabric by placing the drier too close to the carpet. Finally, you will see that your carpet looks like it was never stained at all.  Carpet Cleaning in Oklahoma City




Germ Warfare

Germ warfare. How to get rid of germs in your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or even if you don’t you may find tons of germs in your kitchen. In the kitchen you may never know what is lurking in the fridge. The question is what kind of germs will you find and how dangerous are they? Tested was the refrigerator, stove and various other areas. Once samples were taken to a lab it was said they the most dangerous germ item in your kitchen is a sponge. Microbiologist Ron Schnitzer states that sponges should never be used in a kitchen. All they do is absorb the dirt and spread the dirt. Excess bacteria counts from sponges is a serious source of contamination. More then a million bacteria on the sponge is a much as what is in an average garbage bag. someone could potentially get ill from all of these bacteria’s. Having young or elderly people in your home can really hurt those people with all of those harmful bacteria’s.  Make sure you get your carpets cleaned to avoid this germ warfare!

Put meat on the bottom of your refrigeration to avoid contamination.


However; Experts say to get rid of sponges to help keep your kitchen free of contamination.

Removing Pet Odor

Pet urine is a big problem even though I love pets. The nasty foul smell just reaches anyone who enters into the house. Mostly its easy to locate it because we can find it our quite easily with our nose because of its smell.Mostly the pets urine is found in the corners or in the carpets. In this case it will good to give a tropical treatment within that area to get rid of the odor as well as to sterilize the area. There are many topical treatment for that just visit the site They give out contacting for the removal of the pet urine odor removal. Whether your pet is any type or kind of animals these people helps you make your home pet urine odor free. I think the hardest part of pet urine is the smell and I hate that. But we love pets so we just have to find new and better ways to get the smell and stains out when they have accidents.




How To Clean A Carpet With Baking Soda

– The topic discussed here is about deodorizing the carpet using baking soda. When the carpet becomes dirty, it not only spoils the appearance but also emanates a very bad odor. The carpet can be cleaned using some strong chemicals, but these strong chemicals are not only harmful to the environment but also not good for inhalation as well as bad for the carpet itself in the long run. Here is a useful tip for keeping your carpet clean in a very inexpensive and eco-friendly way using baking soda. First, remove the dirt from the carpet. Carpets tend to become dirty and soiled very fast when people walk over it with shoes and footwear on. The soil from the sole of the shoes penetrate deep into the carpet fabric making it difficult to remove them. So the first step is to vacuum clean the carpet thoroughly to remove the deep ingrained dirt as well. Next, sprinkle baking soda liberally all over the carpet surface leaving it there for several hours. The baking soda absorbs all the bad odor from the carpet. The longer the baking soda is left to sit there, the better it is. Finally, vacuum out all the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner/carpet cleaner. There it is! You will have a very fresh and odor free carpet in a matter of few hours.

Removing Coffee Stains

This is a video about removing coffee stains from your carpet. I’m a clean individual and I really like to keep my house clean. The carpet is the most important piece in my house so it has to be impeccable. The other day someone spilled coffee on my carpet so I stumble upon this video and it is very detailed and it’s very interesting.

I usually get really upset if someone spills coffee on my carpet and before watching this video I really did not know what to do to remove the stain. I would get very upset and call my cleaning company to remove the stain but now I now that it would be just a waste of time and money because I can remove the stain myself with just a few products and a couple of minutes of my time.

The host in this video is very eloquent and he is able to transmit the information in a clear yet informative manner. I think I learned something new and useful watching this video and I learned it in only 3 minutes. I now know about products, techniques and different ways of dealing with this unfortunate situation. I really think that if you ever have this problem you need to be able to fix it without calling a third party.  You can also see carpet cleaning blogs and info

Housecleaning & Home Maintenance : How to Clean Wool Carpet

Mold Removal Edmond OK

A girl named Rachel says she is going to teach you how to clean a wool carpet. You take it outside, a good time is in the spring or in the fall. You take sudsy soap like a mild dish soap or mild laundry detergent. You first wet the run or carpet down with the hose. Once you have done that grab a sponge and get to work. Do not use a brush because it can catch in the wool. Use a sponge if you need more soap, add more soap and do this from top to bottom. If you have a larger wool carpet you can lay it on the ground. Once you have done that you should wash it off really well until there are no more bubbles. If you do this correctly you should only have to do it once or twice a year. Rachel demonstrated this outside and walked you through the steps of what you would need to do. She had good lighting and gave good information. Some of this seemed common sense but the part about not using a brush was a good idea, since most people would do this and ended of possibly ruining their carpet.

10 Must-Have Tools

Water Damage Hagerstown MD

This short and interesting video is by Homemade simple! It says about the various vital tools that homeowners must have with them so that it would be a great help during their projects and at the time of emergencies. The important tools are explained in the video which also says why a homeowner should have that particular style of tools. The various tools include a Tote with a sturdy handle in the middle, a Claw Nail Hammer which has a curved claw on the back that makes to pull out nails easily by reducing stress on one’s elbow, Needle-Nose Plier which can also be used as a wire-cutter, Adjustable Plier which provides extra leverage, Utility blade which has a design that enables the homeowner to break-off the blunt blade so that a sharp-ready blade is got after breaking, Adjustable Crescent Wrench for plumbing applications and tightening, Multi-Bit Screwdriver which has different screw heads on its back to match various screw types, Tape Measure of 25 foot long for perfect measurements, Hand-Saw for cutting and a 5-in-1 Multi-Tool with a scraping edge on the front, a half moon shape on the sides and a bunch of various sized hex nuts. The Hand-Saw should be placed with its cutting side facing down the Tote. All tools are shown and the merits of their style are explained.

6 Ways To Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a boring or difficult feat. Here are some simple ideas to make spring cleaning a breeze and have fun while doing it!

1. Get organized!
Print out a list of what you need to do, room by room and break it all down into smaller, more manageable steps. Check off tasks as you get them done so you can see your progress.

2. Don’t try to do everything at once!
Plan your list of things to do. Do rooms one at a time and plan for certain rooms on certain days.

3. Gather all supplies before you start.
As you make a list of what you need to do and plan your cleaning days, make note of what supplies you need in order to accomplish those tasks. Going to clean something and having to leave the house to get the tools to do so can be super annoying.

4. Recruit help from the rest of the family.
Have anyone you’re living with do their part too!

5. Blast some music!
Make a playlist of some of your favorite upbeat songs while you clean. Whatever gets you pumped and moving. Don’t spare anyone your dancing in the process either!

6. Try something new!
Make your own cleaners or try a DIY cleaning tool such as a drill with a scrub brush on the end. Experimenting can making anything fun! You can also hire experts like:



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Fixing low voltage copper wire LED strings.

Fixing low voltage copper wire LED strings.

This video is about repairing the very common low voltage (3 to 12V) LED strings based on insulated copper wire with LEDs soldered across them and dipped in resin. The guide is not suitable for traditional mains voltage LED strings.
I like the copper-wire LED strings. It’s a simple parallel circuit of voltage matched LEDs that are quite rugged and water resistant by virtue of the LED and wire connection points being dipped in resin forming a strong bead on the wire. It is possible to snap the wire though, and I often get asked if it’s possible to repair or shorten them.
The simple two wire parallel strings are also ideal for chopping into shorter sections for other applications.
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This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube’s advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.

Homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

All About Homes In Albuquerque, New Mexico
The homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico are set against the mesas on the west, mountains on the east, and the Rio Grande in the middle. The area is known for the lovely shades of orange, and yellow when the trees turn in the autumn. Albuquerque is situated between Arizona, and Texas, so the temperatures average the mid-nineties.

Most of the homes are referred to as adobe houses, and have flat roofs, projecting beams, round edged walls, and stepped levels. Adobe is used because it excellent in a desert climate due to the ability to store both heat, and coolness. The modern version is more contemporary, and built to withstand the rigors of Albuquerque weather. This type of home was originally built in the 1400’s by the American Indians, and in the 1600’s, the region was conquered by the Spanish, and Spanish accents were added.

One of the main reasons adobe wall are so popular is they are massive. During the evening in the summer, residents open the windows, and door so coolness is stored within the walls. When they are closed during the day, this will help keep the interior cool, and the air-conditioner does not need to be run as much. Adobe homes are solid, quiet, and reflect a feeling of calm, and serenity.

Adobe homes are still being constructed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are an excellent representation of the city at its beginning. These homes have been adapted so they work quite well in the modern world.

All About Orange County California

Established in 1889, Orange County is California’s third most populous county with over 3 million people. It is 948 square miles in size and is part of the Greater Los Angeles area. There are 34 incorporated cities in Orange County. Santa Ana is the county seat. Anaheim is the largest city in Orange County based on population and Irvine is the largest in geographic size. The county is named after the orange crops that were widely cultivated in the area when the county was established.

Some of the best known and most popular sites and attractions in Orange County are Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Little Saigon, Huntington Beach aka “Surf City, U.S.A.”, MLB’s the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, endless outdoor activities, along with the county’s more than 42 miles of breathtaking coastline. Tourism plays a major role in Orange County’s economy, but it’s also part of the Tech Coast. Many Fortune 500 companies, technology companies and international businesses have regional headquarters there.

Orange County is on the coastal plain of the Los Angeles Basin between the Santa Ana Mountain’s foothills, the Cleveland National Forest and the Pacific Ocean. The 5,689 feet tall Santiago Peak, in the always visible Saddleback ridge, is the county’s tallest point. Orange county’s main waterway is the Santa Ana River. The county has great shopping destinations including South Coast Plaza, California’s largest mall. Some of America’s most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods are in Orange County and many celebrities have homes there.