10 Must-Have Tools

Water Damage Hagerstown MD

This short and interesting video is by Homemade simple! It says about the various vital tools that homeowners must have with them so that it would be a great help during their projects and at the time of emergencies. The important tools are explained in the video which also says why a homeowner should have that particular style of tools. The various tools include a Tote with a sturdy handle in the middle, a Claw Nail Hammer which has a curved claw on the back that makes to pull out nails easily by reducing stress on one’s elbow, Needle-Nose Plier which can also be used as a wire-cutter, Adjustable Plier which provides extra leverage, Utility blade which has a design that enables the homeowner to break-off the blunt blade so that a sharp-ready blade is got after breaking, Adjustable Crescent Wrench for plumbing applications and tightening, Multi-Bit Screwdriver which has different screw heads on its back to match various screw types, Tape Measure of 25 foot long for perfect measurements, Hand-Saw for cutting and a 5-in-1 Multi-Tool with a scraping edge on the front, a half moon shape on the sides and a bunch of various sized hex nuts. The Hand-Saw should be placed with its cutting side facing down the Tote. All tools are shown and the merits of their style are explained.