7 Awesome Soda Life Hacks You Should Know

7 Awesome Soda Life Hacks You Should Know

Welcome to quick and simple Life hacks, SODA EDITION. We’ve got 7 great tricks that WON’T clog your arteries! So let’s crack those cans and get moving.
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Remove gum
Gum can be a huge pain to remove. Especially if it has been squashed down into concrete or any other surface. SODA TO THE RESCUE! Pour a healthy dose of pop all over the caked on gum. Let it sit and simmer for a few minutes so it can work it’s magic. Now simple pry off the gunk and scrap off any remaining particulate.

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers can really liven up your house or patio… The problem is, water alone won’t sustain them for long. They need soda… it’s the stuff that flowers crave! (mostly sugar). Pull the flowers and dump the water. Now mix 1 part water with 1 part soda… the clearer the better. Pour it in the vase and your flowers will stay fresh and alive even longer.

Car Gunk Remover
Got a nasty spot on your car that you can’t seem to remove? Enter the magic of soda… Pour a liberal dose on to the offending area and scrub away all your frustration in one fell swoop. Just let it sit for a minute or two and then rub it all away with a paper towel. Be sure to pour some water over it after so it isn’t sticky!

Wasp Trap
Pesky insects like bees and wasps can ruin your outdoors fun. Grab an empty plastic bottle of soda, and cut off the upper portion with a fine blade. Be extremely careful here and don’t cut yourself! once done, fill the base with a little soda and flip the top portion over. Just place the contraption away from where you will be sitting and the soda will attract the critters and once they go into the hole there is no coming back. Problem solved!

Did you soda go flat? Don’t throw it out just yet, we can still get some use out of it. Let’s make Soda ice! Take your flat soda and fill up your ice cube tray. Toss it in the freezer for a few hours and next time you go for a delicious beverage, drop in the soda ice. This will stop your drink from getting watered down but still keep things nice and cool with all the flavor.

Can Lantern
Now what if the power went out and all you have are some tiny candles for light. You can use the reflective aluminum of a soda can to help you through the darkness. Simply cut several slits in the side of a can. Again be very careful here! Once you are done, lowly pop out the side and press down on the can. Place a candle inside and light it up. You just MacGyver’ed yourself a lantern.

Clean Your Toilet
Need to clean your toilet but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Ahhhh! MOTHER OF ALL THAT’S HOLY! … Whew.. ok.. grab a can of soda and pour it all around the bowl. Cover everything that looks suspect and close the lid. Now wait 1 hour, light a candle and maybe even whisper a prayer to your deity… the soda’s citric acid is gonna go to work for you.

If you wait long enough you should come back to a fairly pristine looking bowl. It’s just like magic! Or SODA SCIENCE.

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