The Best Way to Dust

Keeping the house clean and well dusted is a challenge found in almost every house around the country – unless you have a full-time housekeeper. If done correctly, dusting is a chore that should be done around every 2 weeks. If allergies occur in a household member, dusting is recommended once a week. Electronics and furniture tend to attract dust more than anything so if you consider yourself a lazy duster, these are the spots you are going to want to pay attention to the most.
Dust can collect on electronics, lamps, and even the wooden coffee table you bought because you wouldn’t be able to see the dust, good try – it’s still there. Learning the proper ways to dust each item is important so you are actually removing the dust and not just spreading it back into the air to land back onto the sofa. The first thing to keep in mind when dusting is to start from the top. This may include the top of your TV, lamp shades, and shelves. The reason for this is because as you work down in levels you are keeping the dust from removing back up to higher levels.
When dusting electronics be sure to unplug devices before dusting to avoid being electrocuted. It is best to clean electronics such as computers and TVs with a soft microfiber towel. A microfiber towel will work best with soft strokes. It is suggested not to use a feather duster on electronics because you are not actually removing the dust but spreading it around to the cracks and crevices of the device. It may also be suggested to vacuum around cords and outlets as dust, like animal hair, can plug up the inside of outlets.
For all other surfaces, a fiber duster is recommended. It is true that the fiber duster can remove dust from those hard to reach places but it is so great because it works for many kinds of surfaces. Furniture and electronics are by no means cheap so taking care of them and properly dusting them can have a huge impact on how long they will last. The fiber duster is also the more environmentally sound option because it will last for many years as long as you are properly taking care of it. Keeping your house clean and free of dust is important and will aid in household health.