Carpet Stain Cleaning

The video is about how to remove carpet stains in The character (Bob Smith) is telling the viewer that it is difficult to keep one’s carpet clean if you have dogs or construction workers and children living in the house. A dog will be running around the yard and eventually catches dirt with its paws and then run back inside the house. The same thing with a construction worker returning from work catching different types of elements from the construction site. Smith demonstrates how to remove a stain effectively from a carpet with the use of a liquid soap, steam iron, vacuum cleaner, hot water, and hair drier. The method is so easy. Just pour hot water onto the stained spot and dampen a cotton rag (preferably white in color) with the hot water and place flattened on top of the stained spot. Then, slide the steam iron back and forth on top until you will see the stain being sucked up reflecting in the cotton rag. It is really amazing. Then, you remove the cotton rag and pour another round of clean hot water on the stained spot and hover the vacuum cleaner on the dampened area. Then to complete it, use the hair drier to dry it up. Be sure not to scorch the fabric by placing the drier too close to the carpet. Finally, you will see that your carpet looks like it was never stained at all.  Carpet Cleaning in Oklahoma City