10 Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home


When it comes to decluttering your home it can be a daunting task. It can seem impossible. What do you do with everything? Do you give it away?
Home Cleaning Tips
Don’t try and do everything in one day

The first thing to remember is to take baby steps. You’ll only get frustrated and probably just quit if you try to tackle it all in one day. It just won’t happen. Give yourself a period of time to work on it. Start with 15-20 minutes a day. You can always spend more time once you get in the groove of it.

Pick a room

Picking a room helps you stay focused. You don’t want to wander around the house aimlessly picking up items here and there. You don’t have to do the entire room, just pick a corner or closet.

Separate you items

You are going to need to separate your items into different boxes. You’ll need one for trash, donations, keep and sell. This can be a little tricky. If it hasn’t been used within the last 6 months to a year, get rid of it. If clothes are hard to figure out, hang all your clothes facing backwards. Once you wear it, hang it back up the right way. This way you can see what you usually wear and what you don’t.

Make your bed everyday

Keeping things off your bed and making your bed can really give you a good feeling. This will also help with making it look like you’re having some progress.

Make a plan for your paperwork

Paperwork is one of the main things that can make a room cluttered. It is so important to have a filing system of some kind to where you can file it away immediately once it enters your home.

Have a place for everything

If you run across items that don’t seem to have a place, make one. You can always find little baskets, drawers etc. at the store that you can use.

Have a garage sale

Having a garage sale can be a great way to get rid of items and you can make some extra cash too!

Don’t forget your drawers

This can be a great place to start. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time that day.

Don’t go it alone

Get the whole family involved. You can even make it fun!

Make goals

Pick a start date and a finish date for a room. If you don’t meet the finish date just extend it a little.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Most people have never even thought about cleaning their air ducts out. And, chances are, if they have, it has seemed entirely overwhelming and they haven’t known how to go about it. But did you know that if you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, or if you rarely clean them, your in-home air is potentially 70% dirtier and more polluted than the outdoor air, which means you’re most likely breathing in a lot of not-so-good things.

If you want your family to feel like “home” is a place they can always come to, don’t you want them to enter into a clean, healthy, and safe environment? Air duct cleaning Tulsa  is a sure way to reduce in-home contamination and the spreading of disease-causing allergens and dust particles.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned more often than not.

1. Breathe Better!
If you or your family members have allergies, cleaning out your air ducts is a guaranteed way to reduce dust, bacteria, mold, fungi and other harmful particles that can cause illness, fatigue, itchy and watery eyes, early-onset asthma, especially in children under 4 years of age, as well as many other unhealthy side effects. Your furnace is an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of contaminates that thrive in a warm and dark environment (like your furnace!)

2. Pets, Mold and Pests
If you are a pet owner or are living in house that formerly housed pets, you should consider having your air ducts cleaned. It’s not only dust that gets lodged up in those air ducts, it’s pet hair and dandruff, which make the perfect little bed for mini critters, like germs and dust mites, to crawl around in and nest in. Once they’re up there, they multiply like rabbits. These spaces also give mold and mildew a good place to grow and live on, which is also very dangerous.

3. Dust Less Often
Dusting can be a tedious, repetitive chore. Most of dust actually comes form your dead skin cells that are constantly shedding themselves from our skin and landing on all of your household surfaces. But another huge source of dust in the home can come from any former remodels. Dust from remodeling can circulate within the home for years on end, which means you’ve got your work cut out for you in terms of cleaning.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Reasons Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets plague many homes across the United States, and some individuals are unaware of how filthy their rugs are. Instead of kneeling all day and scrubbing away at these fixtures, let the professionals take care of the work for you.

Thorough Cleaning
Even if your parents taught you top-notch cleaning skills when you were a kid, you might not have the expert equipment to put these techniques into play. By hiring the professionals, you can ensure that your carpet is virtually like new when they are done with the job. If you try to tackle the project by yourself, you may find that you need to hire an expert anyway to clean up your mess.

Deep Stains
Once a stain has set in a carpet, you may feel as though getting it out is impossible. While in some instances purchasing a new carpet is the only plan, you should speak with the experts first. They may have the necessary tools and cleaners to get that stain out for good. Whether you have red wine in the carpet or mud that the dog tracked in, you may be able to say goodbye to it permanently.

Between the kids and the pets, you’re wondering if you can ever get the carpet smelling fresh again. While spraying products on it is only a temporary solution, hiring professional carpet cleaners means that you can work toward a more permanent plan. Not only can they make the carpet smell fresh again, they can get the old odors out of it.

You may have problems deeper than you think with your target. For example, bugs may have decided to make the fibers their new home. However, you may not have noticed since you have not given the carpet a deep cleaning in a while. When the professionals come, they can let you know that you need to call an exterminator too.

Preventative Tips
While the ability to hire professionals is useful, you don’t want to constantly be ringing up their number. Once they have completed the work, ask them for advice as to how you can keep the carpet tidier on a regular basis.

Attempting to clean all of the carpets and rugs by yourself can prove difficult, and all of your efforts might be useless. Instead of continuing to live in a house that is experiencing issues with dirt, speak to the professionals right away.


5 Ways Pet Odors Are Making You Sick


We all love our pets. But having a lovable family friend often comes at a price, and usually it’s the presence of lingering odors on your carpets and furniture. Keep reading to find out how these odors can actually be making you sick.1. Skin and eye irritation
Let’s face it; most of those unpleasant smells come from urine deposits. The odor comes from ammonia, which is an irritant that can aggravate your eyes and skin causing rashes, redness, itching, and irritation. Children are more susceptible due to their age and also because they tend to spend more time wallowing around on carpets where most urine deposits are found. Long term exposure to ammonia can even cause permanent eye damage or burns.2. Respiratory infections
When any type of pet deposit (think urine, feces, etc.) is left behind, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Even if cleaned, the fiber content of most carpets and fabrics make it tough to completely get rid of your pet’s dirty business. Once bacteria or mold start to grow, they can then get released into the air and breathed in by unsuspecting human family members – which can cause serious respiratory infections and complications.

3. Asthma
Prolonged exposure to irritants and allergens such as pet deposits, hair, and dander can actually cause asthma or make it worse. If not treated, asthma can lead to hospitalization or even death in very severe cases. While vacuuming and dusting can help, it’s hard to clean every nook and cranny and so irritants often get left behind.

4. Allergies
Pollen and ragweed aren’t the only major factors when it comes to allergies. Pets are major contributors to ongoing allergy issues. And any allergy sufferer knows that itchy eyes and a runny nose aren’t the only symptoms – often headaches, dizziness and nausea can result from prolonged exposure to allergens and odors left behind by your pet.

5. Fatigue
If the above problems weren’t enough, the prolonged exposure to everything icky from those pet odors can cause a crippling amount of fatigue. Living with irritants, bacteria, mold, and allergens every day causes your body to constantly fight off infection and carry out immune responses. This will eventually wear you out and cause very noticeable – and unpleasant – fatigue, weakness, and tiredness.

It’s quite clear that lingering pet odors in carpets and furniture are far more problematic than just a bad smell. Many health problems can arise from prolonged exposure to irritants. Properly treating any pet odors is crucial to preventing sickness so that you can continue to live with, and love, your furry (or not so furry) friend.    Carpet Cleaning Portland company has more info

What qualities should I look for in a Local Locksmith


These days, many people find themselves in need of a local locksmith. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know which traits to look for in the industry professional. Here are five qualities that the best locksmiths will have:

1. Qualifications and Credentials.

One of the first things to look for in a local locksmith is qualifications and credentials. Requirements vary by state, but the best locksmiths will typically attain licensure and certification to optimize their education and experience in their chosen sector. Do some internet research to see what type of credentials a locksmith has attained before doing business with her or him.

2. A Good Reputation.

Another quality you should seek out in a locksmith is a good reputation. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to accomplish this objective. You can go online now and visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine whether a business owner maintains a good rating and accreditation. Locksmiths who maintain an A rating or higher will typically offer you the cutting edge, customized services you need and deserve.

Another internet medium you can utilize to determine whether a locksmith has a good reputation is online reviews. If you find that a locksmith consistently receives positive reviews from former and/or current customers, the individual will likely provide you with the excellent care you need and deserve.

3. Excellent Customer Service.

If you’re serious about obtaining excellent locksmith services, make sure you seek out a professional who is known for offering great customer service. Customer service is all about the locksmith being knowledgeable within the field and also capable of treating you with the warmth and understanding that makes you feel valued as a human. Working with a locksmith who offers exceptional customer service can keep you in a good mood, limit misunderstandings, and expedite service.

4. Fair Pricing.

One final attribute you should seek out in a locksmith is fair pricing. Most people are on a budget, meaning that they can’t afford to pay exorbitant fees for locksmith services. Do some research via internet to determine what the average asking rates are for the locksmith services you’re looking for. You’ll then be able to determine whether an individual’s rates are fair.


If you want to find a locksmith who can get the job done quickly and correctly, it’s important to know what to look for. Some of the key qualities you should seek out in a locksmith include licensing and certification, a good reputation, excellent customer service, and fair pricing. When you find a locksmith with all of these attributes, you’ve found a winner!

Things to make sure is done to get your deposit back

Moving Day Cleaning Tips –

Moving is an involved process that requires juggling a variety of tasks and keeping track of a myriad of details. Don’t allow careless oversights in the cleaning process to cost you your security deposit. Be sure that you are up to date with rent due and reread your lease carefully to ensure that you have completed tasks such as giving your landlord proper move out notice. Finally, make a practical move out cleaning checklist and stick with it. Read on for some great suggestions about how to successfully clean and raise your potential for receiving your deposit back.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning service

No matter how much you vacuum, you just won’t be able to give your carpets the fresh and clean appearance and smell that a professional company can. Not only will your carpets look top notch, but professional carpet cleaners have the tools and knowledge to save you considerable amounts of time during the already hectic and time consuming moving process. They also have access to non toxic products and machines that promote quick drying time. If you have pets, hiring professional carpet cleaners is even more essential. Many carpet cleaning companies offer satisfaction guarantees and coupons for multiple room jobs.

Give appliances special attention

Don’t just remove food from your fridge and freezer. Take some extra time to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your fridge, oven, and microwave. No landlord wants to open an appliance and be met with leftover food particles or sticky residue.

Let the light shine in

Although it can seem like a tedious job, take the time to clean your windows before moving out. If you have already hired a carpet cleaning service, inquire about whether or not they also provide professional window cleaning services. If not, gather some vinegar and hot water and get to work. Try to avoid washing windows at the height of daylight since it makes streaking likely and the glare will also make it harder to detect areas that need special attention. Sparkling clean windows give a nice perspective to a clean apartment.

When your cleaning process is complete, rest assured that you have done everything necessary to expect your deposit in the future. Take a last walk through to gather up any remaining personal belongings and to photograph your clean living space for documentation purposes. Empty any remaining trash before returning all copies of your rental unit keys.

Five tips on carpet care and maintenance


A beautiful and clean carpet is one the crucial aspects of a well grooming house. A well-maintained carpet helps to maintain quality indoor. Besides in keeps the carpets warranty intact. Carpets need cleaning at least once in a week in areas of heavy traffic to keep them neat. Frequent vacuuming is necessary to maintain it presentable and long-lasting. With the current technology, carpet care and maintenance is quite easy. Below, are five tips that are important in maintenance and care for carpets?


1) Using runners and area rugs


In areas with heavy traffic, using rugs helps prevents soiling and crushing of carpets. The rugs make a carpet more attractive and besides provide a beautiful color to a home. The most areas with high traffic include the highways, entryways. They also include fields in front of chairs and coaches.


2) Regularly vacuuming carpets


A regular vacuum keeps the carpets fresh and dirt or fiber free. Dust left unvacuumed and walked on usually affects the way the carpets reflect right. A good vacuum has a brush head to help clean the carpet thoroughly. A regularly vacuumed carpet looks hygienically clean. High traffic areas should be cleaned at least once per week. To avoids carpets becoming hairy, carpets manufacturers recommendations are important


3) Control use of carpet powders on the carpet


Despite that many carpet powders help to reduce bad odor on the carpet, some residues are left behind spoil the carpets. The residues give the carpet a white sticky layer if chemicals get excessively. It’s recommended to use the powder sparingly should the need arise to maintain proper care of the carpet


4) Taking the carpet for professional cleaning regularly


Taking carpets for professional cleaning according to the manufacturer specification makes it last long. Much dirt like dust may is not readily visible and always spoils the makes the carpet dull. Dirt usually takes some time to be visible and does damage to carpets that are left unattended for a long time. Professional cleaning allows experts to inspect the carpet and recommend approved products. Several carpet cleaning companies give professional care to a carpet to increase its life.


5) Instant stain and spoil removal


Removing the stains after they fall into the carpet avoid cluttering after running over. Oily stains usually cause the carpet to gradually dull. They finally attract soil and change the carpet color. Stains are avoidable by using walk mats on highways and walkways.


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Positive Benefits of using us as your Residential carpet Cleaning company


Quality Residential Carpet Cleaning with Exceptional Results
Every customer who chooses quality residential carpet cleaning will be highly impressed with the results. The experienced carpet cleaning service will leave all carpets looking fresh and new. Your carpets will have a longer lifespan and will relieve your home of any unwanted particles that may lead to allergies. The Odor after a cleaning will be highly appealing with the use of gentle detergents that will eliminate any foul smells.The Benefits of Choosing A Carpet Cleaner
There are many benefits that every customer will appreciate from a residential carpet cleaning. These include:
*no hassles for you because you wont need to lift heavy equipment
*the professionals will move all furniture and place it back when job is complete
*allergy free and fresh environment
*longer lasting carpets
*a prompt carpet cleaning from well trained techniciansThe Required Credentials
A residential carpet service will provide every customer with their up-to-date credentials to ensure that you can place your full confidence in their qualifications. A professional will be bonded and insured. You can trust your home with a professional that has the proper credential to offer you a superior carpet cleaning in Chattanooga TN.Dependable and Up-to-Date
A great benefit that every customer will receive is a highly dependable service. The training will be current and up-to-date to ensure that your carpeting will receive careful and superior care. The safest detergents will be used. Your furniture items will be handled with the utmost care.Your Carpet is an Investment
Your carpet is your investment that deserves to receive professional cleaning that will add many years to your investment. Good carpet cleaning will prove to make your carpet last longer and remain in good condition.Satisfaction Guaranteed
Every customer is guaranteed to be 100 percent satisfied with a residential carpet cleaning service. Your carpeting is worth the extra effort and care that a professional service will provide.

A Fair Price
Each customer can count on receiving a fair price that will fit into their budget. There will not be any hidden costs. You may expect to have all the needed information upfront. You will be pleasantly surprised at the specials that are available to each customer in Chattanooga TN.

Excellent Service
When you use us for your residential carpet cleaning service, you can expect to receive excellent service from highly respectful and courteous staff member. We value our customers and strive to offer excellent service.

The Aspect Of A Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Unit

A truck mounted carpet cleaning unit is mounted on the floor of a van or a truck. The method that is used when using such a unit is hot water extraction, and generally it is possible to use a stronger motor with a setup such as this, thus providing more suction when sucking up the water from the carpet.

Hot water extraction is a very effective way to clean carpets, because as the hot water is applied to the carpet with a cleaning solution, it penetrates and loosens dirt and grime. Then when the apparatus retrieves the water via the suction, the dirt and grime is sucked out of the carpet into the container of the apparatus.

Typically, the truck or van is parked nearby to the building or home where the carpet is being cleaned, and a long hose connects to the actual cleaner device that is being used on the carpet. A carpet cleaning wand is usually connected to the end of the hose as the instrument that is actually used to apply the water and cleaning solution, and then to extract the dirty water back into the truck into a holding tank.

Heat is transferred to the water via a heat exchanger as the water passes through it in the truck. The heated water helps to loosen the dirt, grit, and grime from the water as it is passed into the carpet. The horsepower of the unit can be anywhere from 16 to 60 horsepower, depending upon the size of the unit.

The biggest advantage of a truck mounted system is the convenience for the user, even though the initial cost is anywhere from $10,000 $35,000. It is a convenient method because it is very efficient with this method as opposed to lugging a portable unit around the house as cleaning occurs.

Having clean carpets is a really good feeling.

When it comes to hiring someone to clean your carpets, there are five questions you need to ask. It will give you an idea of what to expect and you won’t have any surprises. DogKitten

1) What Cleaning Agents do you use?  If you have allergies or can get other irritations from certain cleaning agents then it is important to inform your cleaner of this.

2) How long will it take?  It’s important to know this if you have animals or kids that you want to ensure won’t be in the way when the technician is there.  This helps you manage your time.   DIY Network

3) How much will the cleaning cost?  This is important so you know the estimate and to ensure you won’t be charged any hidden fees.  This makes it easier for you to budget.

4) What kind of process do you use in cleaning?  Some carpet cleaners use a low moisture cleaning process and the carpets are dry within hours.  Other cleaners may use other methods where you won’t be able to be on the carpets for a long while.

5) Lastly, you will want to ask them if they will clean any furniture you might have. This would be a good service to use if you can. Cleaning your furniture would be a nice touch after the carpets are cleaned.

Having clean carpets is a really good feeling. Making sure you are getting everything you can from the service is very important. You want to be able to know what to expect and have all of your questions answered.  Carpet Cleaning Coeur d’Alene Site has more info.