Germ Warfare

Germ warfare. How to get rid of germs in your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or even if you don’t you may find tons of germs in your kitchen. In the kitchen you may never know what is lurking in the fridge. The question is what kind of germs will you find and how dangerous are they? Tested was the refrigerator, stove and various other areas. Once samples were taken to a lab it was said they the most dangerous germ item in your kitchen is a sponge. Microbiologist Ron Schnitzer states that sponges should never be used in a kitchen. All they do is absorb the dirt and spread the dirt. Excess bacteria counts from sponges is a serious source of contamination. More then a million bacteria on the sponge is a much as what is in an average garbage bag. someone could potentially get ill from all of these bacteria’s. Having young or elderly people in your home can really hurt those people with all of those harmful bacteria’s.  Make sure you get your carpets cleaned to avoid this germ warfare!

Put meat on the bottom of your refrigeration to avoid contamination.


However; Experts say to get rid of sponges to help keep your kitchen free of contamination.