Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Most people have never even thought about cleaning their air ducts out. And, chances are, if they have, it has seemed entirely overwhelming and they haven’t known how to go about it. But did you know that if you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, or if you rarely clean them, your in-home air is potentially 70% dirtier and more polluted than the outdoor air, which means you’re most likely breathing in a lot of not-so-good things.

If you want your family to feel like “home” is a place they can always come to, don’t you want them to enter into a clean, healthy, and safe environment? Air duct cleaning Tulsa  is a sure way to reduce in-home contamination and the spreading of disease-causing allergens and dust particles.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned more often than not.

1. Breathe Better!
If you or your family members have allergies, cleaning out your air ducts is a guaranteed way to reduce dust, bacteria, mold, fungi and other harmful particles that can cause illness, fatigue, itchy and watery eyes, early-onset asthma, especially in children under 4 years of age, as well as many other unhealthy side effects. Your furnace is an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of contaminates that thrive in a warm and dark environment (like your furnace!)

2. Pets, Mold and Pests
If you are a pet owner or are living in house that formerly housed pets, you should consider having your air ducts cleaned. It’s not only dust that gets lodged up in those air ducts, it’s pet hair and dandruff, which make the perfect little bed for mini critters, like germs and dust mites, to crawl around in and nest in. Once they’re up there, they multiply like rabbits. These spaces also give mold and mildew a good place to grow and live on, which is also very dangerous.

3. Dust Less Often
Dusting can be a tedious, repetitive chore. Most of dust actually comes form your dead skin cells that are constantly shedding themselves from our skin and landing on all of your household surfaces. But another huge source of dust in the home can come from any former remodels. Dust from remodeling can circulate within the home for years on end, which means you’ve got your work cut out for you in terms of cleaning.