How to upkeep carpets in FIVE simple steps.

1) Clean up spills/messes as soon as possible.
Nothing is worse than an accident occurring on your brand NEW carpet. It can be anywhere from some red wine spill, or even to a puppy thinking it was his bathroom. The most important thing is to clean it up as soon as possible. Not doing so can allow the carpet to absorb more than it would have if it accident was taken care of immediately.

2) Shake area rugs as much as possible.
This is vital to allow the carpet to remain its initial color. Allowing dirt and grime to linger can easily alter the color of the material. Instead, fold area rugs and take them outside to shake them as much as time allows. By doing so, it halts the aging process.

3) Get Non-Slip carpet pads for area rugs.
If little rugs do not have the support, they tend to get pushed all around. The result is that the corners of the rugs are easier to fold in and become deformed. People can kick the carpet easier without any grip on the bottom and over time it is prone to becoming limp and unusable.

4) Vacuum frequently.
It is important to vacuum any carpeted area at least once a week. Twice a week is even better! Picking up the dirt allows the carpet to keep its color longer. The more it is neglected, the more it degrades. So it is vital to remember this. Also, keep in mind a strong vacuum is a good investment if you have a large amount of carpeted space in your home. Note that a poor vacuum is easily detected by shaking your rug outdoors after vacuuming. If a large amount of dirt is still detected, one might want to consider finding something more sufficient.

5) Get your carpet cleaned annually.
Out of each and every step, this may be the most important! Having the professionals come out to do the job is a good way to handle the situation. They have very powerful tools and machines that are most likely to clean your carpets the best! Schedule the appointment at least once a year. Calling them to your home eliminates hassle for you, the client. It eliminates the need to hand scrub them or rent a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners can be bulky and require heavy lifting. Be smart, call the professionals!